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Last Updated: 12/3/2020

Wellington Management Company LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership that started in 1928 and is primarily owned and controlled by Walter L. Morgan in 1928, establishing the first balanced mutual fund that would later expand and now sits as one of the largest independent investment management firms in the world..

Wellington's investment model rests on a large team of researchers, including multi-asset analysts, currency analysts, data scientists, factor analysts, fixed income market analysts, and global industry analysts, macroanalysts, quants, and technical analysts. Each portfolio manager or team makes investment decisions for the accounts the portfolio manager of team manages based on an independing evaluation of available investment opportunities in light of the client's investment objectives and guidelines.

Wellington Management Company LLP operates out of an office in Boston, MA. Based on the Form ADV filed on 2020-03-31 00:00:00, the investment firm is comprised of 1771 employees, only 592 of whom performs investment advisory functions.

Fact Sheet

      Name: Wellington Management Company LLP
      CRD No: 106595
      Filing Recorded: 2020-03-31 00:00:00
      Year of Origin: 1928
      Employees: 1771
      Clients: 1622
      AUM: 1,230,000,000,000
      Management Fee: Varies Percent
      Performance Fee: Varies Percent
      Client Type: High Net Worth Invidivuals, Banking or Thrift Institutions, Investment Companies, Pooled Investment Vehicles, Pension and Profit Sharing Plans, Charitable Organizations, State or Munipal Government Entities, Insurance Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Foreign Official Institutions, Corporations or Other Businesses
      Assets Traded: Exchange-Traded Equity Securities, US Government/Agency Bonds, US State and Local Bonds, Sovereign Bonds, Investment Grade Corporate Bonds, Non-Investment Grade Corporate Bonds, Derivatives, Securities Issed by Pooled Investment Vehicles, Cash and Cash Equivalents, Other


Investment Strategy

According to the brochure submitted to IAPD, Wellingtons investment strategy is as follows:

We offer a broad range of equity, fixed income, alternative, and multi-asset investment approaches to our clients. Moreover, we manage many investment approaches relative to a benchmark and others to achieve absolute return. Although we have divided the following description into several categories, we recognize that as the capital markets have evolved, the lines between and among these categories have blurred. That process continues to occur, particularly through the growing use of derivative instruments, such as forwards, futures, options, and swaps, which we use in many of the approaches described below.

Methods of Analysis

In addition, Wellingtons methods of analysis include:


We manage a broad range of equity investment approaches, including growth, core and value, as well as approaches designed to be “style-neutral.” Some approaches focus on specific capitalization ranges, from micro-cap, through small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap, to mega-cap. Others look for investment opportunities in more than one capitalization category or across all capitalization levels. In addition, we manage approaches that are global, multinational or focused on particular geographic regions or specific countries. We manage diversified approaches invested across industry sectors, as well as sector approaches that concentrate on specific industries, such as health care, technology or finance. Our equity approaches may be based on fundamental research, may instead rely primarily on quantitative tools and techniques, technical analytical methods and strategies, or a combination of these approaches.

Fixed income:

We invest in fixed income instruments across the duration (from money market and short bond to intermediate to long bond) and credit (from investment grade to high yield) spectrums. Some approaches seek investment opportunities across various sectors, including government, mortgage, corporate, municipal and emerging market debt, while others are limited to one or more of those sectors. We also manage global, multiregional and multicurrency approaches. Our fixed income portfolio managers rely on fundamental research capabilities, as well as quantitative and technical analytical tools. Our investment approaches often utilize a combination of these capabilities and tools.


We offer our clients a range of currency management services. The firm offers actively managed currency-only approaches in multiple styles, which are differentiated in terms of the currencies held, the underlying performance benchmark and the expected level of volatility. Each currency approach relies on a combination of fundamental research, quantitative tools and technical analysis. The approaches often utilize more than one of these capabilities and tools. Investments in currencies, currency futures contracts, forward currency exchange contracts or similar instruments, as well as in securities that are denominated in foreign currency, are subject to the risk that the value of a particular currency will change in relation to one or more other currencies.


We manage commodities approaches that invest across commodities sectors and types. These approaches rely on our firm’s fundamental research capabilities and combine those with the use of quantitative and technical analytical tools.


We advise some clients on the allocation of assets among various asset classes and investment styles. These services range from the provision of strategic allocation studies that recommend adjustments to a client’s existing asset allocations, to active (or tactical) management of the asset allocation exposures within an account, to full discretion over both strategic and active asset allocation decisions for a client’s portfolio. Some active multi-asset portfolios include diversified exposure to a range of asset classes, while other portfolios are concentrated on specific sectors of the global capital markets.

Top 10 Holdings from Form 13F

Reporting Period: 09/30/2020

Issuer Share Value(1000s) Put/Call
MICROSOFT CORP 60,799,436 12,787,945
APPLE INC 92,777,974 10,744,617
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC 31,787,552 9,910,405
PFIZER INC 219,245,075 8,046,294
MCDONALDS CORP 36,248,753 7,956,239
PROCTER AND GAMBLE CO 49,591,981 6,892,789
ALPHABET INC 4,579,377 6,711,535
COMCAST CORP NEW 118,066,490 5,461,756
AMAZON COM INC 1,642,231 5,170,942
FACEBOOK INC 19,728,803 5,166,974

Historical 13F Filings

EdgeGiant has compiled all 13F filings since Q2 2013 for your convenience. You can view historical portfolio position forWellington Management Company LLPin our 13F section HERE.

To get the comprehensive list of holdings that fall under 13F regulatory guidelines, check out our write up on how to access and use 13Fs in your personal investment decisions.

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