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Last Updated: 12/3/2020

Balyasny Asset Management LP is a Limited Partnership that started in 2001 and is primarily owned and controlled by Dmitry Balyasny.

Balyasny started as a small office in Chicago and have since grown to a world class multi-strategy investment firm under Dimtry's guidance.

Balyasny Asset Management LP operates out of an office in Chicago, IL. Based on the Form ADV filed on 2020-07-06 00:00:00, the investment firm is comprised of 542 employees, only 250 of whom performs investment advisory functions.

Fact Sheet

      Name: Balyasny Asset Management LP
      CRD No: 138111
      Filing Recorded: 2020-07-06 00:00:00
      Year of Origin: 2001
      Employees: 542
      Clients: 17
      AUM: 118,000,000,000
      Management Fee: Unknown Percent
      Performance Fee: 10 to 30 Percent
      Client Type: Pooled Investment Vehicles
      Assets Traded: Unspecified

      Email: Unknown
      Telephone: 312-499-2999
      Address: 444 W. Lake Street 50th Floor, Chicago IL 60606

Investment Strategy

According to the brochure submitted to IAPD, Balyasnys investment strategy is as follows:

The Investment Funds managed by BAM are multi-strategy investment funds, with the exception of APV, which maintains a concentrated private equity portfolio. BAM’s investment advisory services reflects a blend of strategies including fundamental long/short equity, macro & rates, systematic trading and event & credit investing. BAM’s long/short equity and equity trading strategies include (but are not limited to) investments and trading in the following market sectors: Energy, Health Care, Financials, Industrials, Information Technology, Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary.

Methods of Analysis

In addition, Balyasnys methods of analysis include:

BAM utilizes various analysis techniques including, but not limited to, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and cyclical analysis. The analysis conducted by BAM for its long/short equity, equity trading and credit strategies include, but is not limited to, company specific financial modeling, comprehensive review of earnings reports, interaction with analysts employed by broker-dealers and research vendors, interaction with industry experts as well as interaction with investor relations personnel employed by the public companies whose securities the Investment Funds trade. The analysis conducted by BAM for its macro strategy focuses on global macroeconomics, policy decisions of central banks, as well as (but not limited to) data related to gross domestic product, consumption, investment, monetary and employment/unemployment data on a global basis.

The primary sources of information utilized by BAM include (but are not limited to) fundamental proprietary research and analysis developed by BAM, research reports and materials prepared by broker-dealers and other research vendors, financial newspapers and magazines, annual reports published by publicly listed companies, prospectuses, SEC and other regulatory filings, company press releases and corporate rating services.

Top 10 Holdings from Form 13F

Reporting Period: 09/30/2020

Issuer Share Value(1000s) Put/Call
PFIZER INC 4,800,000 176,160 Call
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR 502,500 168,282 Put
AMAZON COM INC 38,047 119,800
SELECT SECTOR SPDR TR 4,588,500 110,445 Call
TARGET CORP 690,388 108,681
MCDONALDS CORP 493,773 108,378
BARCLAYS BANK PLC 4,317,500 107,506 Put
BK OF AMERICA CORP 3,884,935 93,588

Historical 13F Filings

EdgeGiant has compiled all 13F filings since Q2 2013 for your convenience. You can view historical portfolio position forBalyasny Asset Management LPin our 13F section HERE.

To get the comprehensive list of holdings that fall under 13F regulatory guidelines, check out our write up on how to access and use 13Fs in your personal investment decisions.

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