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Angelo Gordon & Co LP

Last Updated: 12/3/2020

Angelo Gordon & Co LP is a Limited Partnership that started in 1988 and is primarily owned and controlled by John M. Angelo (deceased) and Michael Gordon.

Angelo, Gordon & Co manages capital across 11 strategies: real estate equity, real estate debt, net lease real estate, distressed debt and corporate special situations, performing credit, middle market direct lending, energy, residential and consumer debt, convertible arbitrage, merger arbitrage and private equity.

Angelo Gordon & Co LP operates out of an office in New York, NY. Based on the Form ADV filed on 2020-05-27 00:00:00, the investment firm is comprised of 430 employees, only 172 of whom performs investment advisory functions.

Fact Sheet

      Name: Angelo Gordon & Co LP
      CRD No: 131940
      Filing Recorded: 2020-05-27 00:00:00
      Year of Origin: 1988
      Employees: 430
      Clients: 187
      AUM: 56,276,908,426
      Management Fee: Unknown Percent
      Performance Fee: Unknown Percent
      Client Type: Pooled Investment Vehicles
      Assets Traded: Exchange-Traded Equity Securities, Cash and Cash Equivalents, Other


Investment Strategy

According to the brochure submitted to IAPD, Angelo Gordon & Cos investment strategy is as follows:

The Firm’s investment philosophy combines fundamental in-depth research and a conservative valuation approach with a diversification strategy designed to reduce downside risk. The research team is the cornerstone of all investment activities.

Methods of Analysis

In addition, Angelo Gordon & Cos methods of analysis include:

For most strategies, investments are either hedged to reduce the potential of market risk or consist of event-driven situations where overall market performance is generally expected to have less impact.

Top 10 Holdings from Form 13F

Reporting Period: 09/30/2020

Issuer Share Value(1000s) Put/Call
ISHARES TR 750,000 112,343 Put
VISTRA CORP 4,918,615 92,765
RADIUS HEALTH INC 88,885,000 73,108
CAMDEN PPTY TR 493,717 43,931
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR 75,000 25,117 Put
PDC ENERGY INC 24,805,000 23,524
NORTHERN OIL AND GAS INC MN 3,067,591 17,608

Historical 13F Filings

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