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Cerberus Capital Management LP

Last Updated: 3/2/2021

Cerberus Capital Management LP is a Limited Partnership that started in 1992 and is primarily owned and controlled by Stephen A. Feinberg. Below is a list of the Top 10 Holdings by value as reported to the SEC through their historical 13F Filings. You can drill down to get a full comprehensive list by expanding the date of interest and clicking on the Full List Link. To see a profile of the company, click here.

Historical 13F Holdings - Top 10 By Value By Date

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Issuer Title of Class CUSIP Value(1000s) Share SH/PRN Put/Call Investment Discretion Other Manager Sole Shared None
ALBERTSONS COS INC COMMON STOCK 013091103 2668972 151818680 SH SOLE 151818680 0 0
DEUTSCHE BANK A G NAMEN AKT D18190898 678173 62035000 SH SOLE 62035000 0 0
NEXTIER OILFIELD SOLUTIONS COM 65290C105 137886 40083179 SH SOLE 40083179 0 0
RIBBON COMMUNICATIONS INC COM 762544104 8784 1338984 SH SOLE 1338984 0 0
ANTERIX INC COM 03676C100 6304 167665 SH SOLE 167665 0 0

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